Monday, May 4, 2009

It's Here!

After watching my UPS tracking link like a hawk today, at a particular refresh, it said DELIVERED. Thank you to my UPS man for not ringing the doorbell or knocking on my door. They just put it on my stoop and left. Grrr... Anyhoo, I lugged the huge box in and then started to open. I wasn't quite sure how to open the box, so I just started with one edge and cut through the tape with a pen. Then I was able to get one long side of the box open. Contents? Hard case with cello inside. A soft case as well. A cello stand and a tuner. So far, so good, nothing visibly wrong yet.
With trepidation, only because my friend had told me how the one time she bought a cello off of ebay it showed up cracked, I opened the case. And behold, a plastic covered cello. And once the plastic came off, as luck would have it, no visible damage. Whoo hoo! Also inside was a bow, an extra set of strings, some rosin, and a case strap.
Sitting on the stand... I appreciate having this stand already. So the cello came without the bridge being installed. After removing the bridge from its temporary home and removing the styrofoam at the tailpiece, I attempted to install the bridge. I wasn't quite sure where to put it... but then I realized there were little notches at the soundholes where it should go. So up went the bridge.
And here it is, bridge and all. This was before I realized the bridge needed to be moved up a bit. With a brand new bow, I attempted to rosin it, but wasn't having too much luck. I even tried scratching the rosin up a bit with a coin, but it was still a bit on a smooth side to get much on it. After a feeble attempt at tuning (without use of a tuner) I squeaked out a few notes. I have no idea what I'm doing yet, absolutely none. But I was glad to get some horrible noises out of it. Next step? A proper tuning!

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